Is bariatric surgery covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield?

One of the first concerns you may have if you are contemplating bariatric surgery is whether your insurance would cover the treatment. The good news is that bariatric surgery is covered for many insurance policies, including Blue Cross Blue Shield. Blue Cross Blue Shield provides a variety of insurance policies, and the coverage for bariatric surgery may differ based on the plan you have.

Most insurance companies, however, will pay the operation provided specific requirements are satisfied. For example, you may need to have a BMI of 40 or higher (or a BMI of 35 plus at least one obesity-related health condition) and have tried unsuccessfully various weight reduction treatments. If you satisfy the requirements for Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage for bariatric surgery, it is critical that you work closely with your healthcare practitioner to ensure that all essential paperwork is filed and the treatment is correctly approved. Your physician can assist you in understanding the unique criteria of your plan and can guide you through the process of obtaining surgical approval. While bariatric surgery may be a game changer for many individuals suffering from obesity, it is vital to note that it is not a panacea. The procedure is just one component of a total weight reduction plan that should include appropriate eating choices, frequent exercise, and continuing medical care. You may take the first step toward a better, happier life with the help of your healthcare team and your Blue Cross Blue Shield plan. So, if your insurance plan covers bariatric surgery, don’t be afraid to investigate this alternative and take charge of your health.

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